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The leading producer of Flexible Card Clothings. Since more than 150 years!

Back in 1851 Mr. Honegger started one of the first European card clothing manufacturing companies in Rüti/Switzerland.

Since then Honegger has always devoted to the principle that only highest quality raw materials and best in class production processes can guarantee Highest Quality Card Clothings.

Until 1975 the company was owned and managed by the family Honegger.
In absence of a qualified successor "Honegger Rüti AG” was taken over by Mr. Konrad Patzenhofer and relocated to Krems / Austria. Mr. Ekkehard Reichl, as specialist and well known in the card clothing industry established the new production plant in Krems.

Since 1st. April 2005 now Mr. Hubert Scheibreithner is the new general manager and is ready with his team to manage the company successful in the future. Honegger is focused on the production of all types of flexible card clothings and has excellent reputation for its products in the textile industry.

HONEGGER Card Clothings are high-quality products! A number of quality checks are carried out through the production process to permanently maintain the high quality standards our customer need.
In honour of the high quality standards, Honegger was awarded the "AUSTRIA QUALITY SEAL" by the Austrian society for the Promotion of Quality.

Our products are exported to the textile industry over 40 countries worldwide. After sales support and service is provided either by the factory or by sales agents all over the world.

We will continue to manufacture highest Quality Card Clothings, according to our customer requirements.