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Fleece - Raising - Fillet (Type I)


28mm, with knee

a) Biconvex-wire No.18/22 (1,215 mm x 0,710 mm)
9-ply cotton(1 Linen) with 4 mm, rubber-felt
b) Round-wire No. 00 (Ø: 0,910 mm)
7-ply cotton (1 Linen) with 4 mm rubber-felt

Upon request we provide this type with intervals of plastic.

Cleaning - Fillet (Type II)


27mm, without knee

Execution as Type I

Application of Fleece-Raisinq-Fillets

For processing of short-, middle- and longhaired lamb-, sheep- and other skins. After tanning and washing, the skin gets brushed with the fleece-raising-fillet. The fibres get raised and splitted - to get also a visual weIl prepared fleece for further use.

The cleaning-fillet keeps the fleece-raising-fillet clear of fibres and other soilings, which are sticking between the teeth. Thus, the teeth of the cleaning-fillet are gearing slight into the fleece-raising-fillet, rotating one against the other.