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Card-Clothing-Fillets for Cylinder-, Doffer-, Worker-, Stripper and Transfer-Rollers:

5-, 7-ply (1 linen) with 3 mm or
4 mm oil-resistant synthetic rubber-felt or 5-, 7 -pIy (1 linen) with vulcanized caoutchouc face

Card wire:
round, biconvex, bright, tinned, V2A-stainless.

All fillets are equipped with polished side- and surface grinding and extra
hardened points.

Card-Clothing-Fillets for Fancy-Rollers:

5-ply (1 linen) with 3 mm oil-resistant, synthetic
rubber-felt or with vulcanized caoutchouc face with straight or curved teeth
with polished surface grinding.

Card wire:
round, bright, tinned, V2A-stainless.

Width fillet:
38/46 mm

HONEGGER-Worsted-Card-Clothings are approved since many years on BEFAMA -BONINO -FOR
-TATHAM -THIBEAU a. o. Carding machines.